About Heidrun Hans

My Background and Inspiration

Growing up as a veterinarian's daughter in Germany, I was surrounded by animals from a very early age.  As well as family pets and horses, there were many rescued animals --cats, dogs, rabbits.  Not surprisingly, I followed in my father's footsteps.

As a veterinarian in Germany, I was always interested in dog obedience and socialization, taking supplementary courses to further my skills in this area.  With our own dog Leyla (a Hungarian Vizsla), the entire family underwent training so that we all fully understood how to provide our high-spirited and loving pet with a stimulating, supportive and happy environment.

Since moving to Canada in 2001, I have not practiced as a veterinarian but have been busy upgrading my skills in animal chiropractic, a specialized branch of veterinary medicine.

The mission of STROLLING HOUND is to share with current and prospective dog owners the approaches and philosophies which I have found to be successful in creating loving and well adjusted animals.

Whether you currently live with a dog, or you are planning to bring one into your family, STROLLING HOUND will help you to partner with your dog in a new and satisfying fashion.